Global warning


As the Award Committee of the organisation named by Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel announced the winner of Peace Prize the world turned its eyes on William J. Clinton’s second man, Albert Gore whom directed the movie An inconvenient truth that has been said to raise the awareness of the climate change. He finally got his 15 minutes.

With Prize, Gore Is Vindicated Without Having to Add President (1)

Climate change is one sort of an reality. What we can see from the statistics is that the globe is heating. This we surely can not reject as an fact. However, although IPCC ensured that the climate change is most probably caused by man, there are still problems concerning the existing theory.

One of the problems clearly is how to explain the temperature changes during the cold era 1940-1975. Some of the scientists claim that this era colds through the passivated sun activity. However, some of the statistics show the opposite and claim that the sun actually had more activity during the time.

What comes to Al Gore and many of us commenting – is that we are humanists, politicians, editors, etc – people with only basic knowledge in physics or anthropology if even that. We base our conclusions and decisions concerning the facts that seem the most likely. We are not experts so we have to be careful when making conclusions.

As Bart Woord notified earlier: “the efficient use of resources and the principle of ‘the polluter pays’ are quintessentially liberal objectives”. In this, he is very much right. The fact that we have to find alter ways of doings things, will push the development to be faster and has no conflict with liberality.

Bart Woord (06.10.07): Young Liberals on climate change

After taking time viewing an alternative theories concerning climate change I still pro the understanding that the climate change is caused by man. However, to remember is that there is no one truth – all these we are basing our opinions are theories. They are man made, so they can be also totally incorrect.

In itself the most important is that we ensure the needed financing for the climate researches and ensure that our legislations provide better possibilities for new, more environmentally friendly tech to be taken to use. More energy-efficiency is in itself an good object already and good for sustainable development.

We should ensure that scientists have their time and resources to work on these issues. However, we should opt-out the possibility of those law changes that are against the liberal values and demand for the alters. This is extremely important as due to the sympathies of environmental issues can also empower dangerous ideologies.

Very good example of dangerous development can be seen in this proposal. The proposal in itself seems after closer look to be an ideological statement wrapped to environmentalism. Governmental strict control over individuals consuming would lead to over-controlled state that makes man an surveillant object.

The same effect can be achieved by tax cuts for environmentally friendly products and technical development. For sure, those dodo’s know it but “possibility makes a thief”. Every free man should oppose these kind of attempts to turn the society to totalitarian that has no respect of one’s freedom.

This writing is due to the Blog Auction Day Project.


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