New era


Sunday was the first day to wake up married, monday not being chairman of Student Union. Under the open letter to the student body. However, words can not describe fully the graditute that I hold for all of those that work hard for the cause.

“I would like to thank all the people that I work with – for the passion, work and for the spirit that we shared. Lot was done and there is still lot to do. Although the time was limited the international side did very good job. Lot of things were established, renewed and founded.

From arranging parties to dances and concerts the activities were various. People working for the Union were coming from different backgrounds – sharing the common dream to better the student sphere, to develop the university – doing it for the common good. International sides strength is the multiculturalism.

Personally, I am happy that the tutoring system is now established. That was the most important thing this year to get finished. IDAAC did great job drafting, designing the way and finding the group. I dearly hope that the University does its share to get it working beautifully. It is their time to take the initiative.

The strength of the Student Union is on people working with it. Still it is very important that the students body understands that all contribution – going to elections as a candidate, voting and volunteering – they are the ways to influence.

I hope people at international side starts to do the valuable work now – finding candidates for the upcoming elections and supporting them – taking care that the students voice is heard!

Thank you and farewell!”


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