Small steps


First elections of IUASU is now behind. Moving to new campus has started this week. New board for the Finnish Fraternity has been set.

IUA is in middle of great changes, as well as the Union. Both are moving to some direction, other one might take a step over the street, another one should take bigger steps.

AISU merge with AUSU is moving slowly towards the main negotiations. The key questions are; establishing the Treaty of Unions, settlement of committee model and Constitution models.

The first final negotiation proposal by our side should be ready until next week. Hence, after the pre-agreement on 1st of November succeeded, we have lot to negotiate – before we see one, strong, transparent and balanced Union.

As the election results clearing time is still on; I will only publish the new members names without statistcs. So this is how Council of International University Audentes Student Union (IUASU) looks next year:

Tuomo Järvelä (ID), Riikka Koivisto (ID), Eva Kremere (ID), Katrina Plotniece (ID), Elizabeth Truu (ED), Karmen Saul (ED), Kaspar Lood (ED), Kert Küttis (ED), Priit Primägi (ED), Aleksei Jelin (RD), Tatja Zigunova (RD), Anna Lomakina (RD), Denis Danilov (RD), Mihhail Razorjonov (RD), Denis Trujin (RD) and Marek Koitla (CU).

ID refers to International District Union, ED to Estonian District Union, and RD to Russian District Union. CU refers to the representative of (Sports) College. Basically Councils by Districts hold the board of District Union at the same time.

District Unions are established due to academic studying languages; English, Estonian and Russian. Districts Unions will have a joint board after all negotiations will be finished and Union has its final shape.


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