Baltic Advertising


I did not notice the political character of the Baltic Times before, but article of Tallink boycott opened my eyes. Beside the false information, there seemed to be very narrowed-pointed approach. Claim that Finland is not a country with separation of powers was completely dishonest.

Baltic Times 07.07.2006

Finnish union boycotts Tallink ships, but ultimately loses battle in court

As I can not rely to the information to be produced by decent journalistic manner, I will delete the link for the magazine.

[Remark (10.06.06): I wrote to editor-in-chief about the mistakes with the article. I received answer, that they will sort it out on their editorial meeting. We will see if the information is corrected on the next issue.]


One Response to “Baltic Advertising”

  1. 1 Glenn

    Yes, very narrow minded.

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