Perfect Crime for Hard Rock


Here is some nice flipping by Axl. Pure attitude, mate. Remembering the 80’s and getting good overview what casting was in the old days.

Check the perfect crime here. Those were the times, when rock bands were for real. Listening Swedish Idol winner Darin’s version of “paradise city” does not convince you too much.. (link removed 06.07.07)

Youtube is great in case you wish to find some of your favourites. You will even find Finland’s Eurovision favourite “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. The song is performed by monster-rock band Lordi.

Lordi: Hard Rock Hallelujah (promising ‘null points for Finland’)

There has been small debate regarding this song. There is an good posting by Finland for Thought, I guess you will get a grip what’s happening here in Nordics.

Finland for thought (25.04.06): Lordi: Not your father’s Finnish Eurovision entry

Anyhow, it’s the people’s choice – so let’s hard rock hallelujah for Europe!


6 Responses to “Perfect Crime for Hard Rock”

  1. Some say this and this will happen, but I still have my doubts…

  2. I know. It didn’t sound that fresh anymore. I have some doubts as well. Did u like our eurovision competitor – btw 😀 ?

  3. 3 Henry

    Lordi rules! They win Eurovisions!

  4. So now I have a good reason to watch Eurovision for the first time in years… Hope they scare all the boy and girl band participants! 🙂

  5. Yeah the strange thing, what I noticed at YouTube, was the reviews were mostly positive 😉 The song is not that bad actually, specially when remembering that it will be performed in Eurovisions..

  6. ..ok and it did win 😀

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